Ham, a new category.

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Why dedicate yourself to ham?

  • Because it is easy to manage
  • Because good gastronomy has a present and a future.
  • Because 85% of the people know and love it.
  • Because it's option number one.
  • Because it's a high turnover business.
  • Because it's easy to manage.

Why the hand of Enrique Tomás?

  • Leader in the world market of ham.
  • More than 30 years of experience, 100 stores.
  • For having a lot of international experience.
  • For offering Real competitive advantages
    • Purchase and Quality Control.
    • Training and Assistance.
    • Marketing

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Enrique Tomás' ham is the best option for consumption in an airport.

Because it is immediately understood, because the customer is looking for something really good, which can be served and consumed quickly, without the need for a complex service and with an attractive expense ticket value.

Shopping Center

The shopping centre because, in addition, it has the double sale: product and immediate consumption. In the Shopping Centers, we are the star. We create militancy and build pilgrimage: After buying, the prize is Enrique Tomás.


We become the favorite breakfast of the local client.

We are the driving force behind the audience that walks by, with our delicious take away exhibition.

We gain the trust of our customers with the closeness and affection of our teams and that makes you think of us when you want to buy/give away a ham or any Iberian product.

A sale does not end when the customer pays, but when the customer returns.


For those who want a safe and highly profitable business.

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